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On-site Training Equipment Requirements

For on-site training, the trainer will visit you at your office or home.

You will usually need to have:

  • Suitable computer equipment with the software installed.
  • Large screen/TV/projector for demonstrations (for groups).
  • A suitable training space.
  • An internet connection.

Computer Equipment Requirements

You will need to have suitable computer equipment, with the software you will want training on, installed and working.

One computer for each trainee.

The computers need to have a good quality screen of a suitable resolution for the software version you are using (please check the recommended specifications for your software).

Display Equipment for Demonstrations

If the training is for a group, you will need to have either a large screen, television or a projector, to allow everyone in the group to see demonstrations.

The display equipment will need to be connected to the trainer’s laptop.
(You need to have suitable cables and connections to connect to the trainer’s laptop – usually HDMI)

Please note that most design software will require full HD resolution screens and projectors to work correctly. Older low resolution projectors and screens may not be suitable to use with Adobe software or other design software.

Most trainers will have their own laptop and software which they can use for demonstrations, or alternatively they can use one of your computers (with the software) to do demonstrations.
(The trainer may not always have the exact same version of software on their computer, especially if you are using an older or very recent software version.)

Please contact us to discuss specific equipment requirements or issues prior to booking the training (such as software versions, PC or Mac hardware, projector connections, etc.).

Training Room

You will need to have a suitable training room or space in which to do the training. This should be a large enough space to comfortably fit everyone in, and where you will not be disturbed.

Other Requirements

You may need an internet connection, and the trainer may need to have internet access for some courses.

Please also see our COVID-19 and on-site training page.

Other Training Options

It is also possible to arrange online video training.