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Video Editing Courses

Introduction to video editing techniques. Learn to create your own video content with these video editing courses.

  • Short intensive video editing courses
  • On-site training
  • one to one and small group video editing training
  • Learn basic video editing skills
  • Create your own video content
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Video editing courses

Availability of these video editing courses does vary in different locations, but Adobe Premiere Pro training and After Effects training is usually available in Birmingham, Solihull, Midlands areas, Oxford, Cheltenham, Northampton, Leicester and in other areas around the UK.

Onsite video editing courses are available for groups of up to four trainees.

  • Learn the essential skills and techniques with our video editing training.
  • Learn about video editing with Adobe Premiere Pro and create your own video content.
  • Explore what you can do with Adobe After Effects and create digital visual effects and motion graphics

Adobe Premiere Pro Training

2 day Adobe Premiere Pro course – introduction to essential video editing skills with Premiere Pro.

Adobe Premiere Pro Courses

Custom Adobe Premiere training is usually available.
More advanced Premiere training is also available to follow on from the introduction course.

Adobe After Effects Training

2 or 3 day Adobe After Effects course – introduction to using Adobe After Effects to create digital visual effects and motion graphics.

Adobe After Effects Courses