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Adobe Illustrator Courses

We offer Adobe Illustrator courses where you can learn about graphic design techniques and discover how to create and edit your own artwork and illustrations.

  • One to one or small group Adobe Illustrator courses.
  • Short intensive Adobe Illustrator courses which allow you to learn quickly.
  • Custom Illustrator training which can be adapted to your specific training needs.

We offer onsite Adobe Illustrator training at your premises (office or home), in Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Oxford, Northampton, Reading, Gloucester, Leicester, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds, Harrogate, Yorkshire, and around the UK.
Online video training is also available for Adobe Illustrator courses.

Adobe Illustrator Training Courses

Bouzouki musical instrument illustration
Bouzouki musical instrument illustration - learn about vector art graphic design with Adobe Illustrator courses
Bouzouki musical instrument illustration – learn about vector art graphic design with Adobe Illustrator courses

Adobe Illustrator Courses Summary

The one day Adobe Illustrator beginners course will give you the essential skills you need to get started with graphic design and illustration. You will learn about the main Illustrator tools and how to create different artwork and designs.

We have a two day beginners and intermediate Illustrator course which will cover the basics and how to create more complex artwork.

Or if you want to create very complex illustrations and designs, you may be interested in the advanced Adobe Illustrator training we offer.

Our Illustrator training can cover a wide range of artwork types and styles for web or print use, design logos, create illustrations, diagrams or graphs, and create adverts, posters, and more.

You can work with some of your own artwork during the training and learn to produce a range of graphics and designs.

We can offer bespoke Illustrator training, with flexible custom course content which can be tailored to you specific training requirements.

Beginners Adobe Illustrator Courses

One or two day Adobe Illustrator beginners courses, which will introduce you to the basics of Illustrator and graphic design techniques.

1 day – Adobe Illustrator beginners course
Introduction to the main tools and features of Illustrator, how to create simple artwork and designs.

2 day – Adobe Illustrator beginners and intermediate course
A more detailed look at Adobe Illustrator tools and techniques, create more complex graphics and designs and spend some time working with some of your own artwork.

Intermediate Illustrator Course

1 day intermediate Adobe Illustrator training
We can offer a one day custom/intermediate Adobe Illustrator course, which would be suitable for those who already have basic Adobe Illustrator skills.

Based on day two of the 2 day beginners to intermediate Illustrator course, you will usually start with any basic skills you need to cover and then work through as much as possible in the day.

Advanced Illustrator Course

The advanced Illustrator course can cover creating complex illustrations and artwork.

We have a typical Advanced Illustrator course outline, or we can create a bespoke course for you based on your supplied artwork examples and your specific requirements.

Graphic Design and Image Editing Essentials

Use Photoshop and Illustrator together for photo editing and graphic design.

  • Learn basic image editing techniques with Adobe Photoshop.
  • Learn to create graphics and illustrations with Adobe Illustrator.
  • Combine your graphics and images to create unique images and designs.

Graphic design and image editing essentials course – using Illustrator and Photoshop together.

3 or 4 day course.

Custom Adobe Illustrator Training

Customised Adobe Illustrator training is available, with flexible course content which can be tailored to your requirements.

Let us know what type of artwork you want to create, or supply some examples of the artwork you would like to create, and we will try to put together a tailored course to suit your requirements.

More details about custom courses.

Red hearts pattern - learn to create artwork and illustrations with our Adobe Illustrator courses

Learn about Adobe Illustrator and Graphic Design

  • What is Adobe Illustrator? What does Illustrator do?
    • Learn more about Adobe Illustrator and how it works.
    • What does Illustrator do?
    • Who uses Adobe Illustrator?
    • What type of artwork can you create with Illustrator?
  • Learn about graphic design software
    • What is graphic design?
    • Which software is used for graphic design?
    • What is the best graphic design software?
  • Adobe Illustrator courses
    • Learn Adobe Illustrator with our short intensive Adobe Illustrator courses.
    • On-site Adobe Illustrator training.
    • One to one Adobe Illustrator training.
    • Illustrator Beginners Course.
    • Intermediate Illustrator Course.
    • Advanced Illustrator Course.
    • Custom Illustrator Courses.

Adobe Illustrator Training Locations

On-site Adobe Illustrator training (at your office or home) in Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Oxford, Reading, Northampton, Wolverhampton, Leicester, Nottingham, Warwick, Cheltenham, Gloucester, Bristol, Manchester, Yorkshire, (including Sheffield, Leeds, Halifax, Harrogate, York) and other areas around the UK.