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1 day Advanced Illustrator Course

One day advanced Illustrator course, learn new techniques and improve your design skills. On-site advanced Illustrator training in Birmingham, Oxford, Manchester, and around the UK, or online video training.

  • Short intensive advanced Illustrator training.
  • One to one Illustrator training
  • Improve your Adobe Illustrator skills.
  • Learn about Illustrator’s advanced tools and techniques.
  • Learn to create complex artwork, illustrations and designs.
Illustrator Art - Learn to create similar design with an advanced Illustrator course
Illustrator Art – Colorful Floral Girl Silhouette

Illustrator Course Duration: 1 day course.
Training Level: Advanced.
Software: Illustrator CC (to Illustrator CC 2022).
Training Location: On-site at the client’s premises, or online video training.
Numbers: One to one or small group of up to 4 trainees.

Advanced Illustrator Training Locations
This training is available in most areas around the UK.
On-site Adobe Illustrator training in Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Oxford, Northampton, Nottingham, Leicester, Gloucester, Worcester, Yorkshire, Manchester and other areas.
Online video training also available.

One day Advanced Illustrator course summary

  • Creating complex illustrations
  • Gradient Mesh tool
  • Live Trace and Live Paint
  • Advanced type options
  • The Graph tool
  • Creating 3D objects
  • Saving and exporting
  • Exporting graphics for web & devices

Please see the full course outline below.

This is a general advanced Illustrator course outline, which can be modified to better meet your needs.

Dandelions vector artwork - advanced  illustrator training
Dandelions vector artwork – advanced illustrator training


1 day Advanced Illustrator Training

Full Advanced Illustrator Course Outline


Advanced Illustrator Training, Details and Course Requirements

Illustrator Course Options - Custom Course

Custom Illustrator training may be available.
Please contact us with details of your requirements and current skills.
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Course Details

Advanced Illustrator course duration: 1 day
Illustrator Training Level: Advanced
Software: Adobe Illustrator CC

Number Of Trainees
One to one or small group of up to 4 trainees.
Trainees in a group should have the same skill level and the same requirements.

Who Is The Course For?

This course is for Illustrator users who want to improve their skills, or wish to follow on from the intermediate level training with an advanced Illustrator course.

Course Requirements

Advanced Illustrator Course Requirements
You should have good Adobe Illustrator skills to intermediate level (please see the intermediate illustrator course outline).

You will need to have suitable computers with the software installed.
We provide on-site training at your premises.

Training Location

Adobe Illustrator advanced course is available in Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Worcester, Warwick, Northampton, Oxford, Reading, Gloucester, Nottingham, Leicester, Sheffield, Leeds, Yorkshire, Manchester, and around the UK.

We offer on-site Adobe Illustrator training at the client’s premises (office or home).
You will need to have a suitable computer with the software installed.

We also offer online video training for Illustrator.

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If you would like to book some training, please let us know which course you would like to book, your location, the number of trainees, and any specific training requirements you have.

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