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Custom Design Courses

We can offer custom courses, adapted to your specific training requirements. Create a bespoke course to better meet your training needs.

Custom training is available for most of the software for which we offer training, including Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator.

Custom Photoshop training

Edit and retouch your own photographs and images. Bespoke Photoshop training can be based on your image editing requirements and training content based on example images or designs.

Custom InDesign training

Tailored Adobe InDesign training based on your specific requirements for document design and supplied example documents and literature. Work with your own document examples and projects.

Custom Illustrator training

Create and edit your own artwork and graphics. Bespoke Adobe Illustrator training based around your specific design requirements and example artwork or graphics.

If you are already familiar with some of the basics of an application, we can usually adapt a beginner and intermediate course to start where you need to and focus on the tools and techniques you need most.

We usually try to include some time working with your own images/artwork/documents during the training.

Most intermediate courses or advanced courses can be modified and the course content tailored to your requirements.

Beginners introduction courses (1 day) can usually only have a small amount of customisation, and this would be limited by the amount of time needed to cover the basics techniques and essential skills.

Training based around your project
If you just need help with a project that you are working on at the moment then the training can be based around doing all the things you need to achieve the end result of a finished project.

Training based on supplied examples or specific requirements
We can plan a bespoke course for you, which can include the techniques you need to create images, documents or designs for your specific requirements or based on your supplied examples.

Please email us with more details of your training requirements and your location and we will confirm what training we can offer.

Custom Photoshop Courses

Custom Illustrator Courses

Custom InDesign Courses