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Desktop Publishing Courses

Short intensive desktop publishing courses for Adobe InDesign and Adobe Creative Cloud, on-site DTP training around the UK.

  • Short intensive desktop publishing training courses.
  • Learn to create your own documents and literature with Adobe InDesign.
  • Create and export documents and page layouts for print or PDF.
  • Combine text, photos, graphics to create your own page designs.

We provide desktop publishing training for Adobe InDesign in Birmingham, Solihull, Oxford, Gloucester, Northampton, Reading, Leicester, Nottingham, Yorkshire, Manchester and around the UK.

DTP training and design software training, with Adobe InDesign and Adobe Creative Cloud.

Learn Desktop Publishing

Learn desktop publishing and discover how to design your own documents with our desktop publishing training.

We offer Adobe InDesign courses andalso Adobe Creative Cloud courses, which combine desktop publishing training with image editing and graphic design training.

Desktop Publishing courses with Adobe InDesign

Learn to create a range of professional documents with Adobe InDesign.

Adobe InDesign course – beginners and intermediate – 2 days

We can usually arrange advanced or custom Adobe InDesign courses.

Desktop Publishing course for Adobe Creative Cloud

Our Adobe Creative Cloud courses for desktop publishing and design, combine training for desktop publishing, image editing and graphic design using InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Quickly learn all the software you need to create different types of documents; edit and prepare photographs; create artwork and illustrations for your documents, then build your documents – incorporating photographs, graphics and text into your page layout designs.

Adobe Creative Cloud (DTP & design) beginners and intermediate course
4, 5 or 6 days

Adobe Creative Cloud DTP Courses

Adobe Creative Suite (CS6) courses may also be also available

Creating Images and Graphics for Your Documents

You may want to add photographic images or graphics and illustrations to you desktop publishing documents.

  • You can use Adobe Photoshop to prepare, enhance and edit photographs and to make them print ready.
  • You can use Adobe Illustrator to create or edit graphics and vector artwork, such as technical illustrations, logo designs, and other artwork.

Adobe Photoshop courses.

Adobe Illustrator courses.

Custom Desktop Publishing Course

Our DTP courses can usually be tailored to your requirements and you can learn to design your own documents and advertising literature.

DTP Training Locations

On-site desktop publishing training at your premises (office or home).

One to one or small group desktop publishing training courses are available in Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Warwick, Wolverhampton, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, Oxford, Northampton, Reading, Gloucester, Bristol, Manchester, Leeds, Sheffield, Harrogate, Yorkshire and other areas around the UK.

Desktop Publishing Software

Desktop Publishing Information

To learn more about desktop publishing software, please have a look at the information on using Adobe Creative Cloud desktop publishing software. Learn more about what each application does and how they work together.

Learn more about how to use InDesign and the Adobe Creative Cloud, and how you can use Photoshop to create images for InDesign and how to use Illustrator to create graphics and illustrations for your InDesign documents.

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