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Which applications to use and when to use them

Here is a brief summary of when you will need to use each application of the Adobe Creative Suite or Adobe Creative Cloud, if you want to do desktop publishing.

The applications you will need to use, and the level you will need to work to, will depend on the type (and style) of documents you will want to create.

Adobe InDesign

InDesign is used for creating single-page or multi-page documents, mainly for print or PDF (e.g. leaflets, newsletters, brochures, magazines, books, manuals, etc.).

You can import text, graphics (prepared with Illustrator) and photographs (prepared with Photoshop) into an InDesign document to create the overall page layout.

If the documents are just text, then all you will need is InDesign.
If you want to include photographs and graphics into your designs - please read on.

For most people we recommend starting with a 2 day beginners and intermediate InDesign course, as this covers the basics as well as looking at working with multi-page documents and time saving and consistency features, such as style sheets and master pages.

A one day beginners intro may be possible if you just need to create very simple one or two page documents, and advanced training is available if you want to create long and complex documents such as books.

2 day InDesign beginners & intermediate

1 day InDesign advanced


Adobe Photoshop

Photoshop is used for anything to do with photographs: colour adjusting, cropping, photo retouching, and preparing and saving in the correct size and file format for use in either print or for web, as well as creating designs such as banners and graphics for web sites (although Fireworks and Illustrator may be used instead, depending on the type of designs) and designing and creating image cut-outs and montages for printed documents.

If you want to use photographs in your InDesign documents (especially if the work is to be printed) these will need to be correctly prepared in Photoshop before using them within InDesign.

If you want to cut out photographs, create montages or photo based designs for any of the documents (maybe for a magazine cover design or a banner for the top or bottom of a page) then you will need to learn Photoshop at least to intermediate level.

We have a one day beginners course which covers the basics of Photoshop, the main tools, and how to save files correctly for different uses such as print or web.

We also have a two day beginners and intermediate course and other courses which will look at Photoshop in more detail, including photo editing and cut-outs or designing graphics for either print print or web.

1 day Photoshop beginners intro

2 day Photoshop beginners & intermediate

Advanced level training for photo retouching and photo editing, and other more specialised courses are also available.

Photoshop Courses


Adobe Illustrator

Illustrator is used for editing or creating illustrations, graphics and artwork for print documents or web sites, e.g. logo designs, diagrams, graphs.
Illustrator can also be used for creating posters, leaflets, book cover designs, technical information sheets, etc.

If you want to use graphics, diagrams, charts or illustrations in your documents (e.g. in InDesign), these will need to be created in Adobe Illustrator. However some simple shapes, blocks and lines can be created in InDesign.

Illustrator is also useful for checking and editing any existing artwork which you may have, such as a logo.
It can be a problem if your artwork is not in the correct format - especially when it comes to printing.

1 day Illustrator beginners intro

2 day Illustrator beginners & intermediate


Adobe Creative Cloud / Adobe Creative Suite (DTP & Design) training courses

These desktop publishing courses will give you the skills you need to get started in desktop publishing and design, and to work accurately and efficiently as you progress on to more advanced document designs.
We offer 4 or 5 day courses which cover InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

Adobe Creative Cloud Courses

Adobe Creative Suite Courses


Desktop publishing training and design courses can be tailored to your requirements and you can learn to design your own documents and advertising literature.


One to one or small group desktop publishing training courses are available in Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Warwick, Worcester, Wolverhampton, Derby, Leicester, other Midlands areas, and in Oxford, Northampton, Manchester, Bristol, Yorkshire and other areas around the UK.


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