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Adobe Photoshop Intermediate & Advanced Training

Two day Intermediate and advanced Adobe Photoshop training course is designed to give you a better understanding of the main Photoshop features and the techniques used in professional photo design, photo editing and photo retouching work.

Course content is flexible and may be altered to better suit your needs. The training will normally be based around working with some of your own images and designs.

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Intermediate and Advanced Adobe Photoshop course summary

Course duration: 2 days  (1 day selective course is also possible).
Level: Intermediate / advanced.
Software: Photoshop CC, Photoshop CS6.

Who is the course aimed at ?
This course is aimed at those who already know basic Photoshop, and would like to improve their Photoshop skills.

Course requirements
You should have a good basic knowledge of Photoshop.
You should particularly understand resolution and know how to resize an image, be familiar with basic colour adjustment, basic use of Layers and the main tools in Photoshop, including the painting tools, the text tools and selection tools.

One to one or small group of up to 4 trainees.
Trainees in a group should have the same skill level and the same requirements.

Adobe Photoshop intermediate and advanced course is available for on-site training at the client's premises (office or home) in Birmingham, Solihull, Oxford, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Sheffield, Leeds, Yorkshire, Manchester and around the UK.


Intermediate and advanced Photoshop training - course outline

Colour Adjustment
Adjusting the brightness & contrast with Levels
Changing the colour balance or removing a colour cast
Adjusting the colour balance for part of the image or for a certain range of colours
Using the colour adjustment tools to create artistic colour changes
Setting areas of an image to pure black or pure white
Create a faded image to go behind text
Colour adjustments using Adjustment Layers

Text Design
Filling text with a texture or photograph
Distorting text around a curve and typing on a path, or within a path shape
Creating drop shadows & emboss and other effects on text
Copying layer styles to other layers or images

Paint Brushes & Patterns
Creating new brush shapes, saving your brushes and loading new brush sets
Painting with different colour blending modes
Painting in straight lines
Creating a pattern and filling an area with a pattern

Choosing colours from different colour models Storing colours for later use
Ensuring the your colours are printable - Proof settings and Gamut Warning

Colouring & Tinting
Producing a tinted photograph or a duotone image

Organising layers and the content on them
Copying layers to other open documents
Using and editing layer masks
Using opacity and layer blending modes to obtain different effects when montaging

Selection Tools
Selection tool options, cropping to a selection - fixed aspect ratio selection
Modifying selections - transform selection tool, expand, contract, feather
Creating complex selections around image areas
Saving selections - reloading and modifying saved selections later
Using Extract to make a cut out or a mask
Making a mask from a selection

Editing individual colour channels
Creating and editing alpha masks
Using a copy of a colour channel to create an image mask or a selection
Creating greyscale images from selected colour channels

Photo Retouching
Removing scratches and restoring damaged photographs
Removing red eye from a photograph taken with flash
Removing an unwanted items from a photo
Adding objects to photographs
Changing the background of an image

Design & Montage
Creating a vignette effect or a border around an image
Fading an image out to solid colour
Creating designs and montage by blending together images, text and artwork
Create a photo montage or build a panoramic image from 2 or more photos
Design a simple web site banner or simple poster/postcard design
Using either scanned artwork or illustrator artwork to create a selection outline and then fill outlines with either solid colour, textures or photographs

Illustrator Artwork
Bringing Illustrator artwork and graphics into Photoshop
Smart Objects

History Palette
Using the History Brush to restore parts of an image after making changes

Filters For Artistic Effects
Creating textures
Creating a line art effect from a photograph
Using lighting effects and motion blur filters to add depth to an image

Web Images
Correctly re-sizing images for use on web sites so that you don’t get blurred images
File formats and compression settings - the correct ones to use
Optimising and exporting in the correct file format

Recording a series of steps to be performed on a number of images
Naming, editing, saving, loading and running actions
Batch processing a complete folder of files

Using the pen tools for creating and modifying paths
Editing and saving a path with an image
Converting a path into a selection
Using clipping paths with DTP applications to mask off areas of an image

Vector Shapes
Creating vector shapes using the built in shapes
Creating customised shapes or using a shape created in Illustrator
Changing the colour of a vector shape
Modifying a vector shape

Creating a contact sheet from a folder of images
Saving, exporting and using Photoshop files with other applications


There is probably too much here for most people to cover in enough detail in just 2 days so you may wish to select the areas that you need most and spend more time on those areas.


Intermediate and advanced Adobe Photoshop training is available on-site in Birmingham, Oxford, Yorkshire, Manchester and around the UK.


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Intermediate & Advanced Photoshop training in Birmingham, Manchester, Yorkshire and around the UK