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Adobe Illustrator Beginners and Intermediate Course

Two day Adobe Illustrator beginners and intermediate course covering the basics of illustration and design with Adobe Illustrator, then moving on to creating your own designs and artwork.

Begin with an introduction to Adobe Illustrator and the essential tools and techniques used to create simple artwork and designs. Then look at creating more complex artwork and designs.

The course can be customised and will normally be based around working with some of your own designs.

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Adobe Illustrator 2 day beginners and intermediate course summary

Illustrator course duration: 2 days
Level: Beginners and intermediate
Software: Illustrator CC versions, Illustrator CS6, Illustrator CS5

Who is the course aimed at ?
This course is aimed at those who currently have little or no Illustrator skills, and want to learn the basics of Illustrator but also look at more complex artwork and designs.

Course requirements
You should have good general computer skills.
Some previous knowledge of design software would be helpful, but not essential.

One to one or small group of up to 4 trainees.
Trainees in a group should have the same skill level and the same requirements.

Adobe Illustrator beginners courses are available on-site at the client's premises (office or home) in Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Worcester, Warwick, Oxford, Derby, Nottingham, Leicester, Sheffield, Leeds, Yorkshire, Manchester, Bristol and around the UK.


Adobe Illustrator 2 day beginners and intermediate course outline


Day 1 - Adobe Illustrator beginners introduction

An introduction to Adobe Illustrator and the tools and techniques used to create simple artwork and designs.

Illustrator Workspace
Overview of the main tools and palettes
Moving around the document
Zooming in and out (Zoom tool, keyboard shortcuts, menus)

Creating a New Document
Starting a new document
Viewing the document and working in artwork or preview modes
Grids, guides, and features to help you accurately position objects
Using guidelines - locking and unlocking, positioning

Selection Tools
Selection Tools (Selection, Direct Selection, Group Selection)

Shape Tools
Creating shapes (Rectangle, Ellipse, star or polygon)
Specify shape dimensions
Set a fill colour for an object
Set stroke colour and stroke weight
Drawing with the pencil and paintbrush tools

Modifying Shapes and Objects
Shape modifying (Transform, Rotate, Scale, Shear)
Duplicate objects
Group objects
Lock objects
Align objects
Use the Transform palette to resize and re-position objects

Custom Shapes
Using the pen tools to create custom shapes and modify shapes
Use Pathfinder to modify shapes
Create compound shapes (e.g. a hollow ring)

Picking RGB, CMYK & Pantone colours
Using the eyedropper
Gradients and blends
Saving and modifying colours

Pictures and Graphics
Placing photographs and other artwork into Illustrator
Choosing whether to link or embed image files
Checking linked images with the Links palette
Tracing artwork or photographs

Text and Typography
Text Tools
Create type on the page
Set type colour
Flowing type between two text frames
Basic typography (leading, kerning, tracking, etc.)

Using Layers to organise images, graphics and text
Creating, deleting, and changing stacking order
Visibility and locking layers
Moving selected objects between layers

Saving Files
Saving a document and organising files
Exporting artwork for use in other applications


Day 2 - Adobe Illustrator intermediate

Day two of this Adobe Illustrator course will include a more detailed look at certain tools and techniques, as well as creating more complex artwork and designs. The course can be customised and will normally be based around working with some of your own designs.

Paths and Shapes
More work with the pen tools to create complex custom shapes
Use the Knife & Scissors tools to slice a path or an object in two
Modifying paths - including:
Joining open ended paths
Pathfinder filters
Compound paths

Use the Info, Control and Transform palettes to accurately move & resize objects
Using Align and Distribute

Use effects and filters to modify objects and shapes
Using the Appearance palette and Expand settings

Copying attributes from object to another
Using Graphic Styles

Clipping Masks - using an Illustrator path to mask an image or other artwork
Creating textures and patterns

Type and Typography
Typography settings - use the Character and Paragraph palettes to format type
Tabs - hanging indents & tabbed lists

Threading text between boxes and frames
Changing text threading

Create type which follows the shape of a path
Type on path options
Wrapping text around objects

Convert type into outlines to create an editable path
Use Envelope Distort to distort text shape

Colours and Shading
Gradients and blends
Using the Gradient Mesh tool to create complex shading

Using transparency and masking options
Creating and editing basic graphs

Using the brushes - editing the brush settings
Creating brushes

Creating designs with photographs, artwork, and text
Working with artwork, illustrations and designs of your own choice

Saving and exporting artwork as different file types for print or web use
Saving PDFs


It may be possible to customise the training or include some other Illustrator topics in the 2 day course if required. Please ask if you have specific requirements. If you have artwork which you want to produce, let us have a sample.


A one day Adobe Illustrator beginners course is also available


Adobe Illustrator training is available on-site (at your home or office) in Birmingham and Midlands areas, including Solihull, Redditch Worcester. Adobe Illustrator training can be be arranged with trainers around the UK including Oxford, Manchester, Yorkshire, Bristol and other areas.

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