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One to one and small group on-site computer training courses for professional design software.

Adobe Creative Suite Course - DTP & Design - 5 day course

Five day beginners and intermediate course covering Adobe Creative Suite for desktop publishing and design, including image editing, image preparation, graphics and illustration, and desktop publishing with InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator. (Also available for Adobe Creative Cloud.)

This desktop publishing (DTP) and design course will show you how to design a range of documents with Adobe InDesign, edit and correctly prepare photographs, and create or amend illustrations and artwork for use in your page designs.

This Adobe Creative Suite course is available on-site (at your office or home) in Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Warwick, Oxford, Northampton, Derby, Leicester, Yorkshire, Manchester, and around the UK.

This course is also available for the Adobe Creative Cloud version of the software.


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Adobe Creative Suite - DTP & Design - 5 day course - Summary

Course duration: 5 days
Level: Beginners / intermediate
Software: Adobe Creative Suite 6, Adobe Creative Suite 5.
   Adobe InDesign CS6, CS5.
   Adobe Photoshop CS6, CS5.
   Adobe Illustrator CS6, CS5
Numbers: One to one or small groups of up to 4 trainees
Trainees in a group should have the same skill level and the same requirements.
Available at client's premises (office or home) in Birmingham, Midlands areas and around the UK.

Adobe Creative Suite DTP training requirements:
You should have good computer skills. Some knowledge of design software would be helpful but not essential.


Adobe Creative Suite Training - DTP & Design - 5 day course - Details

Beginners introductions to each Adobe Creative Suite application (Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator). These will be followed by intermediate training for InDesign and Photoshop. The course will cover creating a range of documents and artwork with the Adobe Creative Suite.

This Adobe Creative Suite training course is suitable for someone who currently has very limited or no desktop publishing and design skills and would like to learn the skills necessary to create their own documents and designs.

It is a hands-on custom course which will be partly based around working with your own documents and designs.

  • Desktop publishing using Adobe InDesign
  • Preparing images for your documents, image editing and design with Adobe Photoshop
  • Illustration and graphic design with Adobe Illustrator


Day 1: Introduction to Adobe Photoshop

Introduction to the basics of image editing and design with Adobe Photoshop, including image resizing, resolution, colour correction, using type and colours, and basic image editing techniques.


Day 2: Introduction to Adobe Illustrator

Introduction to the basics of graphic design and illustration with Adobe Illustrator. Learn to create and edit simple artwork and designs, such as logos and illustrations.


Day 3: Introduction to Adobe InDesign

Introduction to the basics of desktop publishing and design. Learn how to use Adobe InDesign to create simple documents such as posters, small adverts and leaflets.


We recommend a break of 1 - 4 weeks, to allow time to practise and familiarise yourself with the software.


Day 4: Intermediate Photoshop:

Intermediate image editing and design, preparing images and designing for print.


Day 5: Intermediate InDesign:

Working with larger documents in Adobe InDesign, improving efficiency and consistency by using master pages and style sheets. Producing your own documents.


Days 4 and 5 can be customised to your requirements, and may include Adobe Illustrator as well, if required.



Adobe Creative Suite training - cost / discounts:

You will save an extra £10/day (as well as the usual multi-day booking discounts) when you book these 5 days of training together.
So that is a total saving of £300 on the cost of a 5 day course.

Please see Prices for current course costs or contact us for a quote.



Dates are arranged to suit you - subject to availability.

Dates for this course will not all be on consecutive days.
The course is intended to be spread over a period of 3 - 6 weeks to allow you time to practise between training sessions, with the first 3 days of the course to take place within the first week or two and the final 2 days usually 2 - 4 weeks later.



Adobe Creative Suite training courses are available onsite in Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Warwick, Derby, Leicester, Northampton, Oxford, Banbury, Worcester, Redditch, Evesham, as well as Yorkshire, Manchester, and around the UK.



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Adobe Creative Suite training course in Birmingham, Solihull, Coventry, Warwick, Derby, Oxford and around the UK.